Keep Korma Apron with 4 x Medium Curry Kits



The Perfect Gift for Father’s Day or any Curry Lover!

Some Like it Medium

Contains  A Keep Korma and Curry On Apron – with Curry On Cooking spice kits.

 Free P&P


1 x Med/large Apron

4 x Curry On Curry Kits (med)


  • 1 x Bombay Potatoes Kit (Mild/Medium) 30g: Bombay Potatoes a bit on the side! A popular, simply spiced dry potato dish. They make a great alternative to roast potatoes, instead of cubing try mashing and serving with sausages.
  • 1 x Pakora Spice Kit (Med) 30g: Pakoras are a firm favourite – a sheer delight of crispy vegetables coated in a spicy chickpea flour, the spice kit can be used to make vegan, meat or fish pakoras.
  • 1 x Balti Curry Kit (Medium) 30g: Balti is a style of cooking, almost like a stir fry. It’s said to be invented in the UK. Birmingham lays claim to being the birthplace of Balti. Balti literally translates from the Punjabi as bucket! Balti describes the pot in which food is cooked and served, a flat-bottomed, two-handled wok.
  • 1 x Jalfrezi Curry Kit (Hot) 30g: Jalfrezi is a marinated dish. The word ‘jal’ translates as hot as in fiery heat and hot and spicy. This dish is fast becoming one of the nation’s favourite.



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