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Karela bitter melons

Stuffed Karela – Bitter Melon Gourd


As kids we used to call this knobbly bright green vegetable crocodile sabji due to its appearance! It goes under several names; bitter gourd, bitter melon, karela balsam apple, margose and bitter cucumber. Whatever you chose to call it; it is an acquired taste!  However cooked just right to get rid of the bitterness makes this a wonderful tasty dish.


Karela is renowned for the amazing health benefits, it’s used in ayurvedic medicine, it’s great as a herbal remedy for lowering sugar levels, an excellent source of vitamins B1, B2, and B3 and rich in iron.

Indian stuffed flatbread on plate on table with pickle jar plus a jug of tulips

Aloo Paratha Indian Potato Stuffed Flatbread

Curry On Cooking Bombay Potatoes are perfect for this recipe as the potato stuffing.

Masoor Dal Kebabs – Red Lentil Kebabs

Rich in protein these nutty, earthy lentil kebabs are super easy to make. We’ve used carrot and cabbage but other ingridients can be used such as sweet potatoes.   

Easy Carrot Salad – Kajar Ke Salad

Stry Fry Carrot Salad

Not just Bugs Bunny’s favourite snack; we love carrots -  especially this carrot salad, it's one of our favourites to serve at a dinner party – quick and simple, it can be served all year round as it tastes great served hot or as a cold salad.

Carrots are one of the most widely grown and enjoyed veggies in the world.  It’s a versatile veg used in several sweet and savoury dishes around the world.

Food historians believe the carrot grew in the wild as far back as ancient Egypt well over 5,000 years ago, By the 10th century in Afghanistan the carrot was being cultivated.  They were commonly grown in Roman gardens as it was believed  carrots and their seeds had medical and aphrodisiac properties.

Originally carrots came in an assortment of colours; white, purple, red and black but not orange! It wasn’t until 16th Century when Dutch farmers cross bred yellow and red carrots and came up with a sweeter tasting orange carrot.

Pea and Potato Samosas

Serve up as party food over the festive period. These delightful morsels can be cooked and frozen in advance; on the day thaw, heat and serve.

Our daily bread Chapattis – Indian Flatbread

Also known as roti, chapatti and phulka: Indian flatbreads are eaten daily by millions around the world. Making chapattis is the easiest and quickest way to make bread. They go well with any curry you choose to cook up.

Pakora Pancakes

Pakora pancakes are a healthy take on the Indian classic deep friend pakoras. These savoury pancakes are very easy to prepare and don’t take too long to cook.