Curry On Cooking Tikka Masala Kit


April 27, 2017

This recipe is designed as a guide.  Feel free to make this dish your own. For an extra zing, shake over roast potatoes, add a punch to a stir fry or rub into fish or meat before throwing on a BBQ.

More than just a curry kit - check out the video - add a bit of sizzle to your summer BBQ!

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 30 mins
  • Yields: 4


1 Tikka Masala kit

3 tbsp Oil

2 Garlic cloves chopped finely

2 Medium onions chopped

1 kg Diced chicken breast or veg of your choice

1/2 Tin chopped tomatoes or tomato frito

100 ml Single cream/creme fraiche/quark/coconut cream/soya cream

3 tbsp Lemon juice


1Heat oil in a wok or pan. Fry the garlic and onions until soft.

2Add the chicken/veg. Cook the chicken until it turns white.

3Add the curry kit and mix well.

4Mix in the tomatoes. Cook for 10 minutes.

5If need add a splash of water to stop from sticking.

6Stir in the cream and mix well.

7Add the lemon juice and cook for a further 3 minutes.

8Adjust seasoning if required.

The kits work really well in a slow cooker.  Add the cream  just before serving.


3 Reviews


May 20, 2020

Love it when we converte people to our way of curry thinking!


May 20, 2020

This is now our family favourite, even my fussy 10 year old love it!


May 20, 2020

This is now our family favorite, thank you, even my fussy 10 year old love it!

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