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a stack of mini oat panckaes on top of a chapatti makeing pan a tawa

Spicy Masala Oat Pancakes

If you are bored with porridge, overnight oats or bircher muesli; try this pancake recipe for a change. Grinding the oats to a fine powder to make these super easy pancakes makes breakfast much more interesting and very healthy! This is a great alternative for Shrove Tuesday if you fancy a spicy pancake. These can made into mini drop scones or, if preferred larger pancakes. The fenugreek leaves can be replaced with chopped spinach.

Slice of bread and butter pudding on a serving plate

The Spice Sister’s Bread and Butter Pudding


Bread and butter puddings a British classic with a spicy Sister twist!

A humble pudding traditionally found on school menus made from stale bread, butter, milk and eggs. India’s version; shahi tukra is the complete opposite to the frugality of the British pud: shahi turka is a deeply indulgent and decadent bread pudding made with full fat milk, ghee fried bread, saffron, cardamom, topped off with slivered almonds, pistachio and a sprinkling of rose petals!

In this recipe we’ve gone for a mixture of the two with a bit of a twist! The eggs and milk have been replaced with a cinnamon infused custard.


cup and saucer with tea on a table with teapot and magazine

Masala Chai – Indian Tea

Masala chai is flavoured tea and Indians love their tea – milky,spicy and sweet! It is warming and comforting; a hug in a mug! I remember as a five year old visiting India; sitting with my cousins outside on the veranda early in the morning nursing little glasses of warm, thick, milky tea the colour of rich caramel with the smell wafting around us. Spices used vary from household to household, in terms of tea some will only use loose leaf while others prefer tea bags but
both work well, as long as the tea is boiled for long enough to impart the taste.

Apple and Ginger Chutney


There’s nothing like lip- puckering chutney to complete a meal or snack.  Chutney and pickles are an integral part of Indian meals, served with everything from yogurt, rice, flatbreads to curry dishes.  Chutney originates from India, from the word chatni to lick!   This aromatic chutney laced with Indian spices is so versatile; serve with curry, hot or cold meats, as a dip, it’s great teamed up with cheese.  


Mango Kulfi Ice Cream

Kulfi is a type of Indian ice cream usually served in the shape of a cone.